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Legal Studies

The Legal Studies major allows students to study law and legal issues from a number of disciplinary perspectives. Students will develop their writing and analytical skills as well as engage in courses focused on aspects of law in Political Science, Sociology, History, and Philosophy. This major is intended for students planning on applying to law school as well as those interested in careers in law enforcement or public administration. Internships may be completed as part of this program.         

Legal Studies students can link to the UB Pre-Law Advisor at:

Program Requirements

Course Requirements for the Legal Studies major can be found here.

Careers and further education in Legal Studies

Our majors have gone on to pursue graduate studies in areas such as Environmental Law, Urban Planning, Criminal Justice, Family Law, etc. Additionally, Legal Studies graduates have gone on to work as Intelligence Agents, State Troopers, Law Clerks, Paralegals, Court Clerks, etc. For a complete listing of graduate work and careers that our students have pursued please click here.