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Environmental Studies

The Environmental Studies major is intended for those interested in the environment and concerned with loss of habitat, global warming, and the impact that human beings have on the natural world. This major prepares students for careers in environmental science, field ecology, conservation education, resource management, and environmental advocation. Students in this major study environmental issues through an interdisciplinary lens. Specialized tracks are available in Environmental Policy and Education and Environmental Resources and Management. A capstone experience in the form of an internship is required. Students may pursue a BA (16 courses) or BS (19 courses) in this major. A minor in Environmental Studies is also offered.

Program Requirements

Course Requirements for the Environmental Studies major can be found here.

Careers and further education in Environmental Studies

Our majors have gone on to pursue graduate studies in areas such as Geography, Biology, Environmental Policy, Landscape Architecture, etc. Additionally, Environmental Studies graduates have gone on to work as Community Organizers, Environmental Educators, Environmental Engineers, Field Chemists, etc. For a complete listing of graduate work and careers that our students have pursued please click here.