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Undergraduate Program -- Environmental Studies Concentration

Are you interested in the environment? Are you concerned about loss of habitat, global warming, and other aspects of the human impact on the natural world? Are you interested in a career as an environmental scientist, field ecologist, conservation educator, resource manager or environmental advocate? If so, the Environmental Studies major may be for you.

Environmental issues are approached from an interdisciplinary standpoint. The prerequisite course is SSC 118, "Introduction to Environmental Studies". The BA (16 courses) and BS (19 courses) programs incorporate a core of courses in natural science and social science related to the environment with a specialized track chosen by the student. Tracks are available in "Environmental Policy and Education" and "Environmental Resources and Management". Each student completes a one semester, capstone Environmental Internship.

Unique aspects:

  • courses from Biology, English, Geology, Geography, Philosophy, Sociology
  • specialized courses taught by local environmental professionals
  • field-based courses such as "Field Ecology", "Landform Field and Lab Techniques", "Wildlife and Wildlands Management", "Environmental Education Practicum", "Animals, Zoos and Ecology"
  • learn about the ecology, history and politics of unique environmental treasures through travel to the Florida Everglades, the Adirondack Park and Yellowstone National Park in "Ecology of Unique Environments"
  • complete an internship with one of sixty environmental internship sites in WNY

There is also an Environmental Studies minor (8 courses).

Additional information about the Environmental Studies Major curriculum and the Environmental Studies minor is available in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Learning objectives and assessment for the Enviromental BA and BS may be found at the links indicated.

A curriculum map for the Environmental Education and Policy track (BS and BA) may be found at the link indicated.

A curriculum map for the Environmental Resources and Management track (BA and BS) may be found at the link indicated.


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Last updated: September 30, 2013

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