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Student Testimonials


* An internship can help you explore different career fields and professional environments.

“The purpose of doing an internship is for a student to decide if this is truly the path they want (to be in) for their career and that is what my internship did for me. I have so much more knowledge after my placement here.”

Internship site : Alcohol and Drug Dependency Services.

* An internship is a great way to gain valuable hands-on experience and make you more marketable to employers.

This was a great internship that made me much more knowledgeable and marketable in the health care field, particularly in community mental health. I found that some knowledge from class work was applied. However, a majority of the knowledge I gained was through the hands-on experience of working in this agency.”

Internship site : Crestwood Children’s Center

*An internship gives you perspective on careers in Health and Human Services.

“I gained an overall perspective of what goes on on a daily basis in an intensive treatment center.”

Internship site : Horizon Village

* An internship can help you build confidence in your skills, abilities, and career decisions.

This internship has been one of the most valuable and memorable experiences I have had during my undergraduate years. I have changed through the course of this internship in a positive way and for the first time am confident in where I am heading.”

Internship site: North Tonawanda School

* An internship can help you confirm a hunch about your true calling.

“The most important thing I gained from this internship was the affirmation of my choice to go into higher education and that my true passion lies in working on a college campuswith the student population.

Internship site: UB Wellness Education Services

“This opportunity has allowed me to gain the professionalism and skills I will use to one day become a successful lawyer.”

“My internship at Volunteer Lawyers Project has given me the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I have received at the University at Buffalo to real legal cases.”

“After participating in the activities that I have experienced, I have become more aware of what happens and what employees do to make the court function smoothly.”

“I am really glad that I had the opportunity to work with attorneys over the last semester.  I am a firm believer in the idea that you won’t know if you like something until you try it.  It isn’t enough to study for a career because eventually you have to stop studying it and you have to start practicing it.”

“I would like to thank the department for allowing students the opportunity to have community internships and get credit for them.  Sometimes it is not just the reading and testing of materials in a classroom that really tells what a person is capable of accomplishing.  It is the hands on experiences that can make a really big difference.”

Student Spotlight

  • Ashley Machovec

    Originally from Binghamton, NY, I came to University at Buffalo as a transfer student from my local community college. After switching my major a few times, I chose to be an early childhood education concentration with a teaching and speech pathology minor. Taking a wrong turn on main street in Buffalo, I ended up at […]

  • Clarissa Cardarelli

    I’m from Orchard Park, NY and I am studying French, Linguistics, and International Studies with a regional focus in Africa. I chose International Studies as my major since I have always loved learning foreign languages and about foreign cultures. I plan to use what I have learned about foreign relations, economics, and politics to pursue […]

  • Shontay Barnes

    Originally from Buffalo New York, I am pursuing a double major in Health and Human Services/Community Mental Health and Psychology. I chose this major because I learned about the excellent opportunities to gain hands-on experience in the field.  I was very pleased to see that there was an internship component of the major.  My participation […]

  • Cherrelle Collins

    For me this major encompassed everything I am. After pursuing nursing, and realizing that clinical work was not “for me”, I started to hone in on my leadership skills, ability to direct, inspire and HELP. It was at that moment that I realized I wanted to become instrumental in helping someone else find their “calling” […]

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